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Leesbaar Amsterdam

Leesbaar Amsterdam (readable Amsterdam) Is a map of Amsterdam, constructed with nearly 500 quotes from Dutch writers and poets. Writer Erik Nieuwenhuis once found a StPetersburg map in which every street, river or park was replaced with a quote mentioning the spot.

He teamed up with colleague Louis Stiller, starting a quest for quotes from books mentioning Amsterdam streets, canals, parks. Graphic designer Yolanda Huntelaar completed the team.

Initially, the trio tried to find a publisher for the map. “We found that most publishers are a bit reluctant for innovative products like this map” Stiller says, “That’s when we decide to publish the map ourselves.” Source (in Dutch)

Huntelaar: “It was quite a puzzle. In the old city centre, long quotations are set tight so that you feel the density. That part of of Amsterdam feels crowded and cramped in real life too. Heading towards the outskirts, the text is set wide and loose. If we were to zoom out even out more, the text wouldn’t be readable anymore. Looking for the best proportions was the key.” Source (in Dutch)

The map is available in different sizes, from booklet to wallpaper.